Cheap Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex For Those Times When Videos Are Not Enough

Back in the days or the VCRs I was the proud owner of a fine selection of videos, which I either recorded myself, or bought from my local store.  It started with the old Philips VCR, then when Betamax came along, of course, I switched my collection to this format, and times were good.  And then, lo and behold came VHS and we all know what happened next.  When I say “we”, of course I mean the “older” folks, thirty something and more of us who only used a phone when it was really necessary…

And then one day, the internet became … “it”…  My collection of videos had evolved and transformed itself into another fine collection of… this time DVD’s, and as a younger version of myself, I can tell you without shame that I owned DVDs or every genre, documentaries, movies, dramas, sport events, soccer matches… and of course… as any collection worth its name should have… of course… some adult stuff.  I say adult but you might use any number of name.

Of course, every one of my friend, male or female would come to me on a regular basis to borrow a dvd and it was a funny thing to watch them pretend they were interested in documentaries when in fact, they had come in for the adult videos.  Such is the nature of the human beast…

When the Internet began to expand, I realized that no matter how extensive my collection had become, there was not way I could compete with the repositories of online videos, and so I stopped collecting, and soon my “beloved” dvds started to gather dust. Three years ago, I gave them to my local libraries, minus of course the adult ones, which I distributed among friends.

The funny thing about all this evolving technology is that it doesn’t replace the oldest technology of all… Our voice…  Our ability to communicate emotions, dreams, fantasies, feelings and whatever special effect movie directors can put into their movies, they pale in comparison with our ability to speak to one another.

The other day, I was talking to a friend who had been the recipient of many of my more “daring” dvd’s and we were talking about good old times and such… This is a single man, set in his lifestyle of remaining as single as he possibly can for as long as he can, so adult videos are a main component to his intimate entertainment needs. I was asking him about it and when he would finally settle with someone and of course he told me that as long as he had them DVD’s he didn’t need to settle with anyone.

We both nodded, a silence followed and then he acknowledged that while DVD’s are good, he still missed that human element, the interaction with someone, on a personal level that we all crave for.

Have you tried cheap phone sex I asked him and believe it or not, he hadn’t. Of course that’s changed now that he has finally sampled the richness of talking to another person, on an intimate basis about things that only adults who want to have a good time with one another can talk about.

Phone sex does that. It’s not a meant to replace a relationship, but it is a wonderful way for any person not to be alone with “his/her needs” when there is nobody around to share them with.